Xtraclean vs hired/purchased carpet cleaning machines

Xtraclean vs hired/purchased carpet cleaning machines
Xtraclean vs purchased or hired carpet cleaning machines

Keeping your carpets clean, fresh and like new is a professional job. Their are many products available to you and you can even rent a carpet cleaning machine now but all of these have one thing missing. A professional. Sure you could use a spray, but you have to test these and sometimes fade only occurs after you have made the decision to use the product. Rental machines can have an effect but again, how can you be sure that they won’t damage your carpet? Once you have rented a machine, purchased the cleaning fluid, accounted for your time to move the furniture, do the job, put the furniture back and return the machine… have you really saved any money?

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You can also purchase on the high street carpet cleaners. Again, their is the cost of all the fluids on top of the actual purchase... How many times would you have to use it to get your money back? We have highlighted a few key points below for you to read:


Consider the following. To hire a machine might cost you £30.00 + fluids. To purchase a machine might cost you anywhere from £200.00 + A professional carpet cleaning machine is £2,500 minimum going up to £20,000 for a truckmount and to hire a professional might cost you around £60.00 for a room (dependent on size of course)


When you hire Xtraclean, we can inspect your carpet and advise on the best solution for cleaning it. Some stains require pre-treatment others may not. As professionals we can identify stains and use the correct solution and process to remove these. We move your furniture in and out of the room. We replace your furniture using pads that protect your carpet whilst its drying. When it comes to drying, our system uses the minimum amount of water to do the job, therefore our carpets dry a lot quicker than a hired or purchased system will.


No matter how much you spend on a high street carpet cleaning machine, or how much marketing you read on a hired carpet cleaner, the end result is still reliant on you and your skills. When you hire a professional carpet cleaning company like Xtraclean, you are not just hiring someone to clean your carpets, you also get years of experience and expertise in handling carpets. This knowledge means we understand the different types of stains and how to treat them.


Why rent a machine that you have to collect and return or spend lots of money buying a carpet cleaner when you could just hire a professional to do it for you? We do all the hard work for you so you don’t need to take time out of your busy day to do anything. Helpful if your life is hectic. Consider the problems you would have if a hired machine or a purchased machine fail to work. Hired machines are not always looked after neither and can leave your home with a foul smell. These machines can also be heavy and awkward to use. Its also worth considering that most clean flat carpets so cleaning stairs isn’t an option.

Deep clean

When it comes to cleaning your carpets, most of us will use a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis. This cleans the surface. Most high street carpet cleaners and even hired machines can clean this surface but most of the dirt your carpet contains is deep within the pile. Your carpet goes through some tough times and as it exists under your feet, dirt and grime are constantly crushed into the deep fibres. You need power to get to this area of a carpet and the purchase and hired machines just simply don’t have the power to do this.

The comparison of a purchased or a hired machine with a professional carpet cleaning setup is false economy. Hiring a professional like Xtraclean will give you cleaner carpets, which dry quicker, are treated with the correct solutions and remove all the hassle of you doing it yourself.

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