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NOTE: Please note that we have a minimum operational fee of £78.00 which includes VAT. Any calculation that falls below the minimum charge will display this as a cost. The figures provided are meant as a guide only, a firm estimate can only be given upon sight of the item(s) that require cleaning. This is based on a room without furniture.

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Service levels explained

Bronze level cleaning

Our entry-level cleaning process where will provide a deep cleaning service to your carpets (or upholstery).

Sliver level cleaning

The same service as our bronze service plus an added protection solution is applied after cleaning. This helps to keep your carpet cleaner for longer.

Platinum level cleaning

The same deep clean as our bronze and silver services with the added benefit of an additional sanitising solution, ideal for households with small children and pets.

Platinum level cleaning

The same deep clean as our bronze, silver and gold services with the added benefit of an anti-allergy protection to help aid people with health issues such as asthma.