Should you have your hardwood floor professionally cleaned?

Should you have your hardwood floor professionally cleaned?
Professional Hard floor cleaning from Xtraclean

Hardwood flooring adds elegance and charm to your home. It also adds character and charm to a room and offers a 'less maintenance' solution to carpet. Over time, though, hardwood flooring can accumulate scuffs and spots, becoming dirty and looking tired and worn. While sweeping and mopping your hardwood floor can keep it looking relatively clean and tidy, home cleaning methods cannot match the level of clean that from a professional hardwood cleaning company like Xtraclean.

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Here at Xtraclean we use special equipment and cleaners specifically designed to clean wood. Our technicians utilize a cleaning process that incorporates cleaning equipment not found in retail stores. Instead of merely moving dirt and dust around a floor with a mop or broom, our technicians are able to eliminate that debris entirely with a professional cleaning that will leave your hardwood floors looking vibrant and restored.

How do we clean hardwood floors?

  • An Xtraclean technician will thoroughly inspect your floors and scan for problem areas that will require more attention.
  • Our hard floor cleaning technicians will then vacuum the floor to loosen and remove loose dust and lint particles.
  • Our technicians use powerful cleaning equipment to loosen dirt and mopping residue from within your floor.
  • We use hand cloths and microfiber cloths to reach edges and corners that can sometimes get missed or unreachable.
  • Our hard floor cleaners use a neutralizing solution to clean the floor a second time which prolongs the clean appearance.
  • Our technicians will give conduct a final inspection to ensure the floor has been thoroughly cleaned.*

*Results may vary depending on floor maintenance and current condition of floor. 

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