Reasons not to hire a carpet cleaning machine

Reasons not to hire a carpet cleaning machine
Reasons not to hire a carpet cleaning machine

You have almost certainly seen carpet cleaning machines in your local supermarket or hardware store, perhaps even walked passed them and not even realised what they were. As renting carpet cleaning machines becomes ever more popular and accessible, we have compiled some reasons as to why you shouldn't hire a carpet cleaning machine.

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Your time

There are many reasons you may want to hire a carpet cleaner. From pet accidents to spillages, dirt and liquid build-ups can cause unsightly stains, discolouration and even nasty odours.

Carpet cleaners can now be found in most leading hardware stores and even high street supermarkets. These are usually hired out for a 24-hour period, and this is where time comes into play. In order to hire one of these carpet-cleaning machines, you have to pick one up (using your petrol or diesel to get there). Then you have to load it into your car, drive it home, set it up and figure out how to operate it, where the carpet cleaning fluid goes, test an area and so on. You could then spend many hours trying to clean your carpet (or attempting to remove stains), then have to dispose of the wastewater in the carpet cleaning machine. Once finished you then have to return it to wherever you hired it from.

In total, you have potentially spent half a days worth of your precious time on collecting, cleaning and returning the carpet cleaner. With the cost of your fuel, hire of the carpet cleaner and purchase of cleaning fluids, you may have spent somewhere in the region of around £40.00 - £50.00. When you allow for your time in doing all of this alongside the outlay of costs, you may well have spent more money on cleaning your carpet than it would have cost for a professional cleaning company like Xtraclean to do the job for you. So why did you hire a machine? Your time is important, don't waste it cleaning a carpet and running the risks of damaging it. Our trained technicians are highly skilled and competent in all aspects of carpet, upholstery and hard floor cleaning.

Using too much water

Hired carpet cleaning machines require water to operate. So you fill the reservoir tank to the level marker with water, switch it on and commence the cleaning cycle. But how quickly do you need to move? How much water do you need to use? How much of the chemicals you mix? Are the chemicals even safe to use? There is no way of telling which is why over soaking of carpets is a common issue and probably the biggest mistake people make. But you hired a machine to clean your carpet, you're not an expert, how are you supposed to know what is correct and what is not? The carpet will dry out eventually right? Eventually it will yes but it can take a long time given air circulation and environment in the room. The carpet can be left with all kinds of problems during this drying out process. Over soaking a carpet can cause the carpet to shrink leaving waves in the carpet and can cause the carpet to pull from the walls and backing. It can also cause fungal and mould growth, which if left untreated can cause damp. Damp can lead to a whole host of health problems. All of this from trying to clean your own carpets? Yes unfortunately so!

Odours and smells

There are many reasons as to why your carpet might smell. Moisture and /or dampness is a major reason for carpet odours and, depending on the type of carpet, these smells can also be animal based (given the nature of carpet fibres). Our trained, qualified carpet cleaning technicians here at Xtraclean will not only know how much water to use when cleaning your carpet, but will be able to identify the makeup of the pile in order to provide the best cleaning process for your carpet.


We have covered some of the potential pitfalls of hiring a carpet cleaner above, but the biggest concern of all has to be hygiene. We all know how important our health is and how difficult life can be when we are unwell. There are all manner of nasties that live and breed in your carpet that you might not be aware of. Take a look at our infographic to see whats hiding in your carpet. So consider if you will, how many carpets do you think have been cleaned with hired carpet-cleaning machines? How many other hundreds or thousands of people have hired out the machine you're now holding in your hands? Does anyone bother to clean out their hired carpet cleaning machine before they return it? Or do people just return it full of dirt, hair and other nasties clogged in the brushes? Consider all the things that machine has been dragged over, and how you're about to drag all of those germs and bacteria over your carpet. Not a pleasant thought is it.

Equipment power

Domestic carpet cleaning machines, whether hired or purchased, simply don’t have the power of a professional carpet cleaner’s machinery which has superior steam injection, heat and suction, all of which mean that a professional carpet cleaner will get your carpets cleaner.

Detergents and chemicals

Most domestic carpet cleaning machines use detergents. Detergents work by getting dirt and grease to cling to them, but unless you rinse out 100% of the detergent from your carpet you will leave a detergent residue which carries on working, causing rapid re-soiling. They also use chemicals that can be harmful. Some can cause skin irritation, eye irritation, be harmful to animals and the environment, some have bleaching agents and some have cancer causing carcinogens. Now consider your family in all of this. You may have pets or children who lay on the floor. How safe is it for them? Here at Xtraclean we only use safe cleaning products that are kind and gentle.

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