Keeping carpets clean with babies and pets

Keeping carpets clean with babies and pets
Benefits of keeping your carpets clean for your children and pets

Ever noticed how keeping your carpets clean has become seemingly impossible after having kids and pets around your house? As adults with responsibilities, we end up neglecting proper care for our carpets, thinking that stains are bound to happen at some stage and we will get round to cleaning them at some stage. But no matter how cumbersome it is, taking care of your carpets should remain a high priority for many different reasons.

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Vacuuming your carpets keeps the top surface layer of your carpet relatively clean but it doesn't remove stains and all the dirt and grime that penetrates deep down through the pile. Not only does having your carpets cleaned professionally increase their lifespan and improve the look of your home but cleaning carpets also keeps stains, contagions and allergens to a minimum. Here are some tips on how to clean your carpets with babies, toddlers, and pets in the house. you can also read our article on facts about dirty carpets and the health benefits of clean carpets.

Health benefits of a clean carpet

Carpets and upholstery may add warmth and a touch of luxury and comfort to your home but they also provide the perfect environment for dust mites and allergens to hide and cause issues with your health. The carpeting around your home may look amazing and feel great under your feet but if it's not cleaned correctly, you may be putting yours and your families health at risk. By taking the time to regularly clean your carpets, you will produce a clean, healthy environment for everyone.

If you have small children (or indeed pets) making sure that your floors are clean for them to play around on is high on every mother and fathers list. Even though your carpet may look clean after you have vacuumed it, you would be amazed at how much pollen, dead skin cells and dust that settle on the floors and carpet throughout your home. By vacuuming, you will be removing a vast proportion of the problem, but there will always be some remaining. All of this residue can have a serious effect on your child's health.

Treat Stains Quickly

In a busy household, staining the carpets is inevitable. As careful as you try to be, accidents will happen regardless. With pets and animals in the house, food and drink, dirt and grime, sick and all other manners of bodily fluids can all end up on your carpets. Whilst it's tempting to just let a small stain sit for a while, you should know that acting quickly can save you from headaches down the road. We understand that it's not always possible to act instantly to an accident, sometimes you may not even know for a while, we know how pets and children behave at times! Read our article on Emergency carpet cleaning tips. Many unsightly marks can be removed fairly easily with simple household products like soap and hot water. Read our article on carpet cleaning secrets. Some stains, however, prove to be more stubborn than others, so have a stain removal product at hand in your home. If something gets stuck in the carpet fabric like chewing gum or sticky substances like jam or peanut butter, apply ice to freeze it before trying removing it. DIY methods can sometimes work well but we would always recommend having a professional clean stubborn or difficult stains. Being overzealous with your cleaning methods can damage the fibres or your carpet and compound the problem further.

Maintain a Regular Cleaning Routine

Aside from removing stains as quickly as possible on finding them, sticking to a regular carpet cleaning schedule can be all you need to keep your carpets in the best condition you can. We would recommend vacuuming your carpets twice a week. Always make sure that you use the right attachments to get into hard to reach areas. Deep cleaning once a month also helps immensely, particularly for carpets with many stains. And even if you do all this, it's still worth enlisting the services of a professional carpet cleaning company like Xtraclean. We have industry-leading cleaning tools and equipment, products, and experience to thoroughly clean your carpets deep into the pile giving you clean, fresh and allergen-free flooring.

Clean Your Mats, Rugs, and Washable Covers

Whilst you're cleaning your carpets, consider cleaning all the soft furnishings in your home. Be sure to clean your cushion covers, mats, and rugs at the same time. These get dirty as well, especially those located in high-traffic areas. Oh, and don't forget about the areas around your front, back or side doors of your home. people often overlook cleaning the mats that they have in these locations. Your washing machine can play a key role in helping to keep some of these items clean, fresh and stain free.

But before you place these items back where they came from after cleaning, consider taking a more strategic approach. Consider the location of your rug. Rugs can be placed in front of sofas, helping to save your carpet from unnecessary wear as people dig their heels when standing up. If you have welcome mats in your household and they are not bristly, consider changing these for one that is. These type of hard wearing mats help to scrub off the shoes and get rid of dirt before people step foot on your carpet.

Set Rules for Children and Pets

Setting out some ground rules in your household can go a long way in keeping your carpets clean. Children can be a walking mess but teaching those simple things such as removing their outdoor footwear before entering the house and not running around with food in their hands can be a huge time-saver. Pets can also be trained so they don't go on the furniture. We are realists, we understand that teaching children and pets isn't the easiest job in the world. They might not be able to stick to these rules all the time, but at least you limit the chances of staining your carpets.

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