How often should you have your carpets cleaned?

How often should you have your carpets cleaned?
Regular carpet cleaning from Xtraclean

We recommend that your carpets are professionally cleaned by one of our qualified technicians every 12-18 months. Carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis and before they become heavily soiled. Allowing soil to build up will significantly reduce the life of a carpet.

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Vacuuming is simply not enough, all carpets should be deep cleaned at least every twelve months. This can double the life expectancy of your carpet.

A thorough deep cleaning will not only rejuvenate the look of your carpet, leaving it smelling fresh and clean, it can also reduce wear to the pile and thereby extends its life. Your carpet can hide as much as 1lb (0.5kg) of dirt per sq.yd (1 sq.m).

The damaging effects of dirt

Carpet are damaged more so by what you cannot see rather than what you can. Vacuuming alone only clears the top layer of dirt and grime away. The deep down grit and dirt wears away any stain-resistance and cuts at carpet fibres when they are walked on or in those areas of high use, particularly where children play. High-traffic paths in your home, as you are probably aware, will flatten and mat over time because of this fibre abrasion. If not taken care of, this can eventually lead to fibre loss. Having your carpet professionally cleaned can prolong the life of your carpet.

Regular cleaning for your home and for your health

For most carpets, the best cleaning comes from hot water extraction. It is the method recommended by most major carpet manufacturers and used by professional carpet cleaning services like Xtraclean. Continued, regular deep-cleaning not only removes allergens, dirt and grime but can add years of life to your carpet by removing the abrasive grit that harms carpet fibres. General household vacuum cleaners DO NOT clean as deep as professional carpet cleaners can, even household carpet cleaners wont clean as deep as we can. We use our own truck mounted carpet cleaning system as well as our own water supply to provide the deepest clean for your carpets.

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