How much does it cost to professionally clean a carpet?

How much does it cost to professionally clean a carpet?
How much does professional carpet cleaning cost?

Keeping carpets clean within your home isn’t just about removing stains and keeping them looking great. Professional carpet cleaning brings with it so much more than that. Our professional cleaning services offer a deep clean for your carpets and upholstery along with the added benefit of protection, sanitisation and anti-allergy extras.

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Our service is simple. We charge per square foot or square metre for our carpet cleaning service. So how does this work?

What we do

With all the carpets we clean, we will always undertake a spot check to make sure that neither our equipment or our cleaning solutions will cause any negative effects on your carpets. After a positive test, dependent on the level of service you have chosen for your carpet, we will begin the cleaning process. At the most basic level (Bronze level) we will clean your carpet using our state of the art cleaning equipment and solutions. We move your furniture to make sure we clean as much of your carpet as possible at a deep level in order to remove as much dirt and grime from the carpet as possible (large bookcases and items of high value will unfortunately not be moved) If you have selected any of our other levels of service (Silver, Gold or Platinum) we will then begin with the further protection services.

Once the carpet has been cleaned, all furniture is then replaced back where it was on special pads to stop the penetration of any moisture from entering your furniture and also to prevent any potential staining from your furniture on your carpets.

Levels of service

Here at Xtraclean, we offer 4 levels of carpet cleaning service. They are:


Our entry-level cleaning process where will provide a deep cleaning service to your carpets (or upholstery)


The same service as our bronze service plus an added protection solution is applied after cleaning. This helps to keep your carpet cleaner for longer.


The same deep clean as our bronze and silver services with the added benefit of an additional sanitising solution, ideal for households with small children and pets.


The same deep clean as our bronze, silver and gold services with the added benefit of an anti-allergy protection to help aid people with health issues such as asthma.

What it costs

Let's say a typical lounge is 5 metres x 4 metres (around 16ft x 13ft) our costs would be as follows. Please note that these prices are to be used as a guide and are representative of our pricing structure as of October 2018. Prices indicated are estimates.


£78.00 inc VAT


£108.48 inc VAT


£121.44 inc VAT


£132.48 inc VAT

Please note that we have a minimum operational fee of £78.00 which includes VAT. Our illustration guide above of 5m x 4m is around the minimum size carpet that equates to our minimum charge. You can view our pricing structure here.

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